ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau

This will be especially helpful for AARA members submitting a small number of cards since the individual $7.00 bureau submission fee will not be required.

Procedure for Submitting QSL Cards to AARA

  1. 1.   Must be a member of the Albany Amateur Radio Association

  2. 2.  Must be a member of the ARRL

  3. 3.  Proof of ARRL individual membership is required (QST label, copy of label , or copy of membership card (the same requirement as when sending as an individual)

  4. 4. Sort cards according to main country (parent call sign) prefix

  5. a. For example: 2E goes with G, TM goes with F

b.  Do not send cards to US stations (Exception: if the contact was with a foreign station and the station has a US manager, cards may be sent to the manager via the QSL Bureau if desired)

c.  See the ARRL web site for any sorting questions

5.  Weigh cards, current cost is $1.15 per ounce, or portion of ounce

a.  Most post offices will weigh these for you

6.  Round amount upward to the nearest dollar. This helps defray the ARRL submission fee.

7.  Cards should be rubber banded together, with your payment and proof of ARRL membership

8.  Additional $7.00 ARRL submission fee is not required from each AARA member

9.  Cash payment is preferred.

10. If you must pay by check, make check payable to ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau

11. Do not date your check. This will be filled in when cards are taken to the ARRL

12. Cards will be collected at each meeting

13. Cards will be taken to ARRL at least twice per year, more often if the number of cards collected warrant it

14.For questions and additional information, search ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau or see: