The WARM Award (Worked Albany Radio Members)

This award is sponsored by the Albany (NY) Amateur Radio Association:

The award is available at no fee to all Amateur Radio operators. To submit your application send full log details either by regular mail or e-mail to: or to Harry (Bud) Hovey, 15 Sylvan Lane, Troy, NY 12180, USA. Do not send QSL cards.

1. For AARA members and/or hams in Albany Rensselaer or Schenectady Counties, 15 points of which 5 must be AARA members
2. For other stations in New York State, 10 points of which at least 1 must be an AARA member.
3. For stations in other "lower 48 states", 7 points of which at least 1 must be an AARA member.
4. For all other locations (DX) 5 points of which at least 1 must be an AARA member.
5. A point consists of a two-way contact on any Amateur band, any mode (except through land based repeaters) with any station located in any "Albany"* or with any member of the AARA wherever located. * An "Albany" is any city, town, village, county, or other community anywhere in the world with Albany in its name.
6. The WARM award can be endorsed for mode or band.

President's Endorsement:

7. Fulfill basic requirement above except that 4 points must be with different and unrelated "Albanys" other than Albany NY USA. Example: Work Albany NY, Albany GA, Albany New Zealand, Fort Albany Ontario and Albany County Wyoming.

Albanys of the World:

  • Albany, city, NY State Capital
  • Albany, city, Alameda County, CA
  • Albany, city, Dougherty County, GA
  • Albany, city, Gentry County, MO
  • Albany, city, Linn County, OR
  • Albany, city, Shackelford County, TX
  • Albany, town, Delaware County, IN
  • Albany, town, Clinton County, KY
  • Albany, town, Carroll County, NH
  • Albany, town, Orleans County, VT
  • Albany, township, Oxford County, ME
  • Albany, village, Whiteside County, IL
  • Albany, village, Stearns County, MN
  • Albany, village, Green County, WI
  • Albany, Livingston County, LA
  • Albany, Brian County, OK
  • East Albany, village, Dougherty County, GA
  • New Albany, city, Floyd County, IN
  • New Albany, city, Wilson County, KS
  • New Albany, city, Union County, MS
  • New Albany, village, Franklin County, OH
  • New Albany, borough, Bradford County, PA
  • North Albany, Benton County, OR
  • Albany County, NY
  • Albany County, WY
  • Albany, Western Australia (VK6)
  • Albany, Jamaica
  • Albany, Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Albany, New Zealand
  • Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia
  • Albany’s Point, Bermuda
  • Albany Island, Galapagos Islands
  • Fort Albany, Ontario, Canada (on an island in Albany River)
  • New Albany, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Albania, the country
Additions to this list are requested.