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The immediate change will affect the k2ct.net e-mail reflector. The old reflector will soon go offline. We need to move all club members to the K2CT-AARA Yahoo group to maintain email contact. THERE SHOULD BE NO FURTHER USE OF THE K2CT.NET REFLECTOR. This new site may also begin to house files and calendar items for the club. Future messages will be reflected from K2CT-AARA@yahoogroups.com . Please also whitelist this address if you need to.

If you are already subscribed to the K2CT-AARA Yahoo group you can ignore the rest of this article.
If not, there are two ways to join the email group:
First, if you do not have a Yahoo.com login-
1-Send a blank email to K2CT-AARA-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
2-Wait for a confirmation email sent from the group. It should only be a matter of hours, if even.
3-Reply to the confirmation email to activate your subscription. That's it!
The second way if you do have a Yahoo.com login-
1- Log into Yahoo normally.
2- Search groups for K2CT-AARA.
3- Join the group.
If you run into any difficulty please email info@k2ct.org or km2o@arrl.net.

June 2014 B Plus is here.

==> September 12, 2014 Meeting  <==

The Albany Amateur Radio Association, Incorporated (AARA) was founded in 1912, and is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated Amateur Radio club. The mission of the AARA is to provide a common meeting forum for Radio Amateurs, provide emergency and public service communications and to provide amateur radio operator training. Centered in the Capital District of Upstate New York, AARA operates the K2CT/RPT repeater on 145.19 MHz. The club callsign is K2CT. The Club Station Trustee is K2ONP.